Create Compelling Webinar Speeches: Part 9

by | Mar 3, 2021 | Call To Action, Videos, Webinars


 What’s the risk of doing nothing?

You’ve probably noticed that these questions–except for #7 where you get to geek out about your features — these questions are getting harder to talk about. And the stakes are getting higher. The chance that this sale might go off the rails, that chance is getting real.

Let’s think about where we are, and what we’re aiming for. Our CTA in a B2B presentation is usually to book a follow-up meeting with someone who has even more authority. Or to schedule a discovery session or a technical details meeting.

This isn’t B2C, so we’re not trying to get a contract signed after one meeting. That’s not how B2B works.

So since the costs of the next step are fairly low, because we’re just looking for another meeting, we should actually be in the clear by now.

But we also don’t want to look like we’re TOO GOOD at this. Like we’re too practiced, too slick. So it’s time to put some control back in the customer’s hands.

Without actually doing that. Obviously.

By now they accept that what we do or make MIGHT solve their problem. If they don’t, you’ll know, and we’re actually finished with this meeting, no matter how long we keep talking.

So since they accept that we might be the solution, we’re going to sum up for the audience. We remind them about what the positive future looks like. That’s the benefits.

We say that sometimes companies don’t do anything, they just kick the can down the road and let the problem persist.

Maybe even end up paying more later to fix it than it would cost today.

Some companies try to do it themselves. You should have a sentence or two to point out the headaches that that causes and why it’s almost never the best choice.

Or they can go with you.

See? The control is in their hands. Sort of. What they should think they have in their hands are two crappy options, and a good, easy option. That’s you.

So, what’s the risk of doing nothing? They might end up losing something, or not getting something as good. Or not getting something early enough to get the best results. Either way, insert into your script the risk of doing nothing.