How To Impress The Hell Out of Your Audience At Your Next Online Presentation

by | Mar 2, 2021 | Videos

Every CMO, every VP of Marketing has the same problems with webinars:
  • Technical experts won’t volunteer
  • Sales complains about the leads
  • Calls to action don’t work
I just released a 3-part series for, showing how webinar ghostwriters (like me) construct and craft webinars. After all, there aren’t many webinar ghostwriters. The previews went well: “Been making webinars for 15 years, and this broke my brain.” “These ‘webinars about webinars’ make you feel like you’ve spent your life riding a bicycle, and then someone shows you how to make a car… out of bicycles.” “Now I’ve really seen it all … some guy spent years rethinking the B2B webinar… something we all thought we’d figured out decades ago. What’s next? Are we sure we’re using socks right?” If you make your own videos — but you like to see how Hollywood movies are made, this is like that. If you’ve ever thought about making a webinar and are interested in how fully-scripted, crafted, assembled webinars are made, this is for you. And like all my stuff, you’re welcome to steal anything and everything. The videos include:
  • Booklets with my webinar scripts and slides
  • Links to expansion videos (for your team)
  • A chance to talk about your own experiences and upcoming events
Here’s what’s in each of the three videos: 

Video #1: How to Command Audience Attention Without Being Sales-y:

  • Why changing one thing can move your webinars ahead of 90% of your competition.
  • What to change so recorded webinars become a rich source of collateral for your other marketing channels.
  • How to grab attention in the first moments when someone joins the webinar
  • A map of the audience’s attention, minute by minute, during their Courtesy Attention Phase
  • Why so many introductions turn off audiences
  • Exactly what to do with the Pre-Audience
  • Why CMOs don’t know how to make compelling B2B webinars, even though it’s easier than making mediocre ones.
  • How your current narrative structure fails you. Plus the new one that has attention, tension, and audience satisfaction built-in.
  • Which webinar sections you always need to own, and how to do it.
  • 10 audience attention techniques that pro B2B ghostwriters use to keep, and lure back, audiences.
  • The mistake every “technical expert” presenter makes when they create a webinar for you.
  • Why you should never use a “Q&A” or “Questions?” Slide, and what to show onscreen instead.
  • How to properly set up and use a Call to Action — even in “Thought Leadership” webinars that don’t have CTAs.

Video #2: How to Turn Technical Experts into Awesome Presenters Who WANT to Lead A Webinar

  • The reason CMOs struggle with the opportunity that webinars present.
  • Exactly why your “technical expert” presenters resist doing your webinars and how to get them to the other side.
  • “Don’t expect your audience to behave better than you do.”
  • “Build up, don’t throw up.”
  • Inform with the text… persuade with the subtext.”
  • The Core Question every B2B audience member needs answered before answering your Call to Action
  • “Because as a marketer, it’s disheartening when your expert says the slides are ready, and they’re ready for a rehearsal — except they don’t call it a rehearsal, do they? They say a walkthrough. Because that’s what it is. You’d love to pretend to be the audience and have them present, or deliver, their talk. But instead, they fire up slide 3, and they say, “on this slide, I’m going to talk about X, and maybe Y’. Slide 4. “On this slide I’m going to talk about A, and B.”
  • “…not good enough in a world where we’ve pretty much maxed out our effectiveness in direct marketing, and companies are looking at webinars as the next big area for study and improvement. A global lockdown really drove home the importance of getting good at this. And really, how we not fantastic at something we’ve been working at for over 20 years? It’s baffling, right? I didn’t know, back then, the hundreds of little things I do now about making good webinars. But everything I do today would have worked just fine back then. That’s why it’s so easy to adopt right now.“
  • How direct marketing tools actually get in the way of making powerful webinars
  • How to build a bridge for “technical expert” presenters that they’re eager to cross.
  • How disruptive CMOs can transform the technical presenter’s situation from no-win to win-win-win and put their webinar output into overdrive.
  • The step-by-step process for creating a presentation that grabs audiences and keeps them, including the tools to use.
  • The simple change in the creation process that spins off multiple improvements and advantages for presenters, the audience, and Marketing

Video #3: How to Guide Your Webinar Audience to Your Call To Action

  • The advanced, step-by-step process B2B webinar ghostwriters use to glide audiences from the beginning of a webinar to your Call to Action
  • The 12 underlying messages your slides convey to viewers and how to leverage them
  • The writing technique that B2B ghostwriters use to position your Call to Action as the natural, logical step to take at the end of your webinar.