Create Compelling Webinar Speeches: Part 5

by | Feb 24, 2021 | Call To Action, Videos, Webinars

“What’s kept us from getting what we want?” Part of any persuasion process– and what’s all of this building a path to a call to action, if it’s not a persuasion process–is to have a common enemy.   Not a person, exactly. In B2B, that’d be unusual. But something that you and the audience are both against. Something you’re affected by.   Regulations work here. Trends work here. A technological barrier, or a cost barrier. Something that might have kept them from doing what you’re saying they can now do. Or something that kept them from affording it or getting access to it. Maybe the thing they need didn’t even exist because you hadn’t invented it. So the common enemy is the past itself, the old reality.   Except, don’t fall into the trap of just saying, “look at this, it’s new, you should buy it.”   Take time to come up with whatever it was that kept them from having, or knowing, or building, or buying what they wanted. Then position yourself as the remedy for that.   That’s it. That’s all I have to say about that. Go for it.