The audience is who?

by | Feb 13, 2021 | Audio, Quick Notes, QuickStuff, Visuals, Webinars

We have our purpose, our message, for the webinar.

Who’s going to be looking at this webinar? Listening to it, learning from it, changing their mind because of it?

Hopefully not ignoring it.

In any webinar, there are several types of profiles attending.

Maybe you can think of more, but here are the ones I keep in mind. Here’s the story they tell themselves.

I’m attending because it’s better than working

I’m interested in this topic

I’m interested in this company or speaker

I just attend every webinar I can

I like to use the information in my job

I like to ask questions

I don’t even want to attend the live webinar, I want to watch the replay.

I’m trying to figure something out.

For every webinar you have ever signed up for, you’ve probably been one, or more, of these.

The layer 2 stuff, where we dig into the toolkit for audience attention, is where we care the most about the audience, but I wanted to introduce the concept of audience profiles here, because your audience might have something different from this list.

Take a few minutes to write out the job title, job area, industry or company of the expected audience members. Then match them against the profiles I listed.

Which people are the likeliest to respond to your CTA?

Which ones are the likeliest to drop off or ignore you?

Are there any you wish wouldn’t attend at all?


This exercise doesn’t take long, but it steers you back onto the right track for Layer 2. So don’t skip it.