Why Webinars are Boring

by | Feb 12, 2021 | Audio, Quick Notes, Visuals, Webinars

It can be hard to love webinars, even though they have amazing potential.

Very few of them are interesting for the audience.

The reasons break down into three areas: Content issues, Structural issues, and Speaker issues.

Audiences are happy to tell us why:

Content Issues:

  • the content was boring
  • it was just a sales pitch
  • the slides didn’t work
  • it wasted my time
  • it wasn’t memorable
  • it didn’t seem to have a point

Structural issues:

  • they took too long to get started
  • if there was more than 1 person the handoffs were clumsy
  • they didn’t seem to know how to end it

Speaker issues:

  • the presenter was boring or nervous or didn’t seem to know what they were doing
  • they went too slowly
  • they went too fast
  • the presenter wasn’t a good speaker

What the audiences can’t tell us is how to fix these issues.

They don’t know how to fix the problems, they just know what the problems are.