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Every webinar should grow your business

Get fast consultations and reviews for important webinars.

Get deep structural, writing, and rehearsal help for your critical ones.

Reach, convert, and break through with your webinars (100% Confidential)

Your critical, expensive, or high-stakes webinar can be an astounding success, serving audiences for years.

Got an important webinar, presentation, or conference appearance coming up?

Get peace of mind that your important webinar, to management, current customers, or insiders, achieves everything you want it to. In a 1-to-1 session we’ll walk through your slides, and apply the tips and tools that make your presentation the best it can be.


First, a Structure

Let’s bake interest, tension, and curiousity right into the very structure of your webinar.

Then, the Control Points

We’ll map out the audience attention sections you need to own, and move your presentation into position.


Add Accelerators

We’ll write in the audience attention accelerators, to keep them hooked to the end.

Plot Your CTA

When we’re done, answering your Call to Action will feel like the natural thing to do.

Then, Slides

Even complicated diagrams be be made so they guide and hold audience atention.

Finally, Rehearsal

Practice makes permanent. It makes perfect, too.



Webinars, presentations, & videos

Bored Audiences

Nothing holds a prospect’s attention longer than a properly crafted webinar.

Perform it live, automate it, or both.

Then, reuse it for sales decks, websites, & social media.

(Yes, it’s that good)

Built to win (over)

Together we’ll assemble a VoiceOver script, slides, and delivery with a structure that keeps your audience watching and listening.

Somebody should do something

Don’t wait until the “pitch” to deliver your Call to Action. I’ll thread a path to it, from the top of your webinar to the CTA. Because audiences are jaded, and eager to drop when “the part about them” is done.

Oh yes, technical presenters can rock

When I’m attached, your expert will WANT to help you with your webinar. Most of my work has been helping technical (and medical, manufacturing, even finance) geeks deliver smooth, polished, intricate presentations that audiences love.


Testimonials & Featured Clients

I'm using it as a webinar, a sales tool for my salespeople ... it's the best presentation I ever gave.

Geoff Raicer, CEO @ Full-Race Racing

When it comes to persuading an audience Dean is the Master. Everybody has something to learn from him

John Reilly, Senior Technical Trainer @ Openet/Amdocs

Have him walk you through any paragraph he writes for you. It'll be a mini-masterclass in tasteful, powerful persuasion. No one understands how to move a business webinar audience like Dean.

Sally Clapper, CEO @ ClapperCo

Dean’s trained or worked with 4oo+ companies to get, keep, and lure back audience attention (and move those audiences to perform a Call to Action).

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