Templates and general ideas about slides

by | Feb 9, 2021 | Visuals, Webinars

We haven’t started our slides yet, and before we do I want to go over some points about them, and your webinar in general.

First, acts.

Think of your webinar as having three parts, or acts.

Act 1 introduces your main idea, and you, and sets up the main content.

Act 2 is the meat of the webinar, the detail part of your information. This is the part that the Lecture model usually sneaks into.

Act 3 is based around your call to action.

It’s important to keep these separate in your head, and separate in your webinar. The transition between the acts will be smooth to the audience, but they’re distinct and separate to us.

And we’re dealing with them as distinct items.

Next and finally, movement on screen.

There’s no discussion about animation in this course.

You probably shouldn’t use it. Too many things can go wrong, unless you’ve practiced that webinar many times.

But there should always be something happening on screen. It’s one of the fundamental elements of audience attention.

To achieve this movement, we’ll spend time discussing how to build slides for the audience. And how to achieve movement without anything moving on screen at all.