What to do when no one shows up to your webinar

by | Jan 31, 2021 | Webinars

You put in the work.

You applied your courage and agreed to do a live presentation.

And the audience was very small.

Probably a lot smaller than the host of the webinar (if it wasn’t you) told you to expect.

This sucks. All that work……

It doesn’t matter. The show must go on.

And because you created a tight presentation, and focused on audience attention, and had a solid CTA, you’ll still benefit from presenting this webinar. Plus it’s a good performance, so some people will recommend it to others. Maybe you’ll do it again, or maybe they’ll watch the recorded replay.

And about that replay, you’re going to benefit from that, too. A great live webinar means a great replay. Send that link to your own mailing list. Or your boss. Or the CEO. Don’t be shy, it’s their company, too. They want to see it put in a good light.

Also, remember to post it on LinkedIn. And encourage coworkers (if you have any) to share it, too.

The work you put into webinars is hard to waste, if you make a good one.